Check in

You can pick up the key to your apartment from the post office in the REWE supermarket opposite from 3:00 p.m. onwards. Tell them your name and you will be handed your key straight away.

Post office:
Open Mondays to Saturdays from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

If you plan to arrive on Saturday afternoon or Sunday, you will be sent a PIN number that you can use to retrieve the room key from the key retrieval box in the boarding house foyer.

When you enter the PIN, the key drops down automatically.

Check Out & Departure

Your journey is set to continue and it is time to leave the boarding house. Please check out by 12:00 midday, so that the next guests find their apartment as fresh and homely as you did.

Please make sure that the apartment is swept clean, the dishes are done and the waste bins are empty. If something is broken, please tell us about it. That's why insurance policies are there. Please be advised that we will have to charge you for larger stains and damages.

Please leave the key on the table when you leave the accommodation.

Unfortunately, we will have to charge you if the keys go missing.

Cars / Parking

No need to worry about parking spaces. You can find three behind the house and two in front. If all the parking spaces are occupied, you can park in front of the garages or in the REWE car park.


… Yes, we have them too. Since the building is still very new, we would like to ask you to air your accommodation regularly. After showering, after cooking and every once in while during the day.

All the windows are fitted with pleated blinds, which you can pull down completely and use to darken your apartment. They also act as a privacy screen from outside. The pleated blinds have a double chamber/thermo insulation and protect against the heat in the summer. Some of the windows with direct exposure to the south have electric shutters.


Sorry, pets are not allowed ... Not that we have anything against pets, but the amount of cleaning involved would be excessive.

Wi-Fi / Hotspot

Free... of course. Unfortunately in Germany still with obligatory proof. Just log in to the "Boardinghouse Morbach" network and start surfing!

Breakfast / Groceries

The REWE supermarket opposite where you can buy delicious food is open for your convenience from 6:00 a.m. It remains open until 10:00 p.m.

We distance ourselves expressly from Aldi, Lidl and Wasgau. Why? Because we own the REWE supermarket and we think we are doing a great job there.

Washing / Drying / Ironing

A laundry room with a washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, iron and ironing board can be found on the ground floor.

You can use all these appliances free of charge. Please clean up after yourself. Please take care when using the appliances. The only thing you need to do is empty the lint screen on the dryer. The reservoir in the dryer empties automatically.

Refuse / Waste

Refuse bins can be found in the enclosed area in front of the house. We separate paper (blue bin), foil (yellow bin) and other waste (black bin).

A glass container for empty bottles is located on the way to the REWE drinks market.

Service Pack / Utility Kit

Is available free of charge on arrival. The service pack contains all sorts of useful things... including a tea candle. ;-)

Coffee / Tea

Is available free of charge on arrival. We appreciate your understanding that these cannot be replenished and you will have to provide for your own caffeine 'fix'.

Bed Linen / Towels / Housekeeping

Our cleaning staff come once a week, change your bed, replace the towels and clean your apartment. Please let us know if you need extra towels.

Personal care products

We think personal care products are great. Please bring your favourite soap and shower gel with you.

Temperature / Heating

The whole apartment is fitted with an energy-efficient underfloor heating system. The heating reacts with a time delay. You can also use the towel dryer in the bathroom.

Sound Levels

We all like to party, including us!

But not in the boarding house, please. Please keep the noise levels down in your apartment and refrain from sharing your music tastes with other guests.


The wardrobe contains a lockable compartment.


Are our future. Please let us know how we can help. Baby cot, extra bed or high chair.

Extra Bed

Extra beds are available and can be provided for a small fee.


Is only allowed on the balcony or outdoors. Please note that we will charge you for extra cleaning costs if you smoke in the rooms.

Guests / Visitors

Intending to have guests? If they want to stay with you in the apartment, please let us know in advance. We can provide bedding/towels and an extra bed for a small fee.

Inventory List

You can view a detailed inventory list during the booking process.


Reservations and booking changes are free of charge up to 5 days before the start of the service period (planned arrival date). 80% of the contractually agreed rate will be charged as a cancellation fee for late cancellations or non-arrivals. The guest is free to provide evidence that Boardinghouse Morbach suffered no damage or that the damage incurred by Boardinghouse Morbach House is less than the amount required in compensation.

Please refer to our general terms and conditions for further information on our cancellation terms.

Morbach tourist information

Bahnhofstraße 19
54497 Morbach
Tel.: +49 6533 - 71-117
Fax: +49 6533 - 71-177

Morbach has a really good tourist information office. Franziska Fleckser and her team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Whether you want to go hiking, jogging or take a excursion ... Their website features the Morbach event calendar, bus timetables and much more, etc.

Transport Connections

0.3 km: Morbach bus station
0.3 km: Morbach town centre
45.0 km: Access to the A61 motorway (Rheinböllen)

22.0 km: Frankfurt Hahn Airport
130.0 km Frankfurt/Main Airport
100.0 km: Saarbrücken Airport


Taxi Reitz - +49 6533 - 9578888
Mietwagen Keller - +49 6533 - 4494

Mietwagen Nisius - +49 6533 - 3020
Mietwagen Marx - +49 6533 - 3711

Banks & ATMs

Sparkasse ATM - REWE supermarket (24 hours)
Postbank cash payouts - REWE supermarket
VR Bank Hunsrück-Mosel eG, Unterer Markt 8, +49 6533 - 760
Sparkasse Mittelmosel, Oberer Market 3, +49 6531 - 959030

Wichtige Notrufnummern

Police 110
Fire brigade 112
Ambulance 112

On-call doctor +496782-989444
On-call dentist +49180-5065100

Pharmacy emergency service +49180-525882554497
Crisis line +49800-1110111 oder +49800-1110222